Generating docs

Apia provides a utility that allows you to generate documentation for any API schema. The documentation is provided as a series of HTML files containing all aspects of the API. Here's an example screenshot:


The docs generator is provided as a container which you can run using Docker.

  1. Place your schema file in schema.json.
  2. Create a config file called config.yaml containing configuration. See example below.
  3. Create an empty directory called output that your documentation will be generated into.
  4. Run the command below.
mkdir output
docker run \
    -u `id -u` \
    -v $(pwd)/schema.json:/config/schema.json \
    -v $(pwd)/config.yaml:/config/config.yaml \
    -v path/to/output:/output \

Documentation configuration

The docs generator can accept some configuration in the form of a YAML config file. There isn't much you can provide at the moment but this is an example:

# Set the address that should be used when the documentation provides
# an email address.

# If you want to prefix all scopes with something, you can do so here.
scope_prefix: "core:"

# Options to define how the authentication section is generated.
  # If you have an external link for docs about authenticating to the API
  # you can provide that here.

  # You can provide additional configuration that is only used when
  # providing documentation for the `bearer` type of authenticator.
    # This is the placeholder that is shown where a secret should
    # be provided
    placeholder: api-token

    # This provides details for how the user can obtain their own
    # API token/secret.
    obtaining_api_token: |
      You can generate an API token through the Widgets interface. Once you
      have generated the token, you can use it as described below.
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